Your Visit to the Village Tree Farm

The Village Tree Farm is a third generation family run operation nestled in the town of Green Village NJ.

Along with an excellent selection of fresh hand shaped Christmas trees you will find:

1) Tree tagging- You can pick out the tree you like as early as the Saturday after Thanksgiving and tag and pay for it then pick it up later in December. Tagging is good to do so you don't risk the Village Tree farm being sold out

2) Choose and Cut Tree Service- You choose the tree you like and you may or we will cut it down for you! We provide measuring sticks and saws to make the job a lot easier!

3) Roof tie down service- Our staff will be more then happy to tie your tree to your car to ensure it gets home safely!

4) Heated Amish Barn- One of our pride and joys is our heated amish barn. Our cozy office heated by a wood stove completes the farm atmosphere. Learn more about the barn in our Fun Happenings Page

5) We offer for sale hand painted Christmas Ornaments, Tree Stands, Roping and Wreaths


6) Lets not forget this is a big exciting day for the kids so to make the day even more fun for them we offer hay rides pulled by an antique tractor, cookies, candy canes and while supplies last a free coloring book! This year we will also be offering photography service where your pets and children can have their picture taken with two of Santa's Reindeer!

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