About the Village Tree Farm

"A Holiday Tradition"


The experience of cutting your own Christmas tree adds to the joy and beauty of the holiday season. A trip to the Village Tree Farm is a great family outing and is all about the children. A variety of neatly trimmed trees in a natural setting adds to the excitement of the search for the perfect tree.

While growing, Christmas trees provide many enviromental benefits. They replenish the enviroments oxygen supply, serve as a wildlife habitat, provide for water recharge and give a valuable and asthetically pleasing improvement to the land. To maintain our tree plantation, for every tree cut, two to three evergreen seedlings are replanted annually. These seedlings will take between 8-18 years to be ready for harvest depending on spieces. During that time, the evergreen trees face many hazards. Trees suffering from too little or too much rain, excessive heat, being overgrown with weeds and vines, insect damage, deer damage and disease.

Each summer we prune our older trees. By holding back upward growth, we can encourage the trees to branch out more quickly and gradually achieve the full appearance people prefer in their Christmas trees. The whole family can have fun in the process of choosing a tree. The preferred species of the tree is often handed down, generation to generation. Visitors should determine where in the home the tree will be displayed. With this in mind, a tree purchaser will be able to tell what size and shape will best meet their needs.

What to expect at your visit

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